Working as an Independent Financial Adviser means that I cover a wide range of financial services, but the three main areas of coverage are:

Retirement Planning

Pension advice and retirement planning solutions. I can help to make sure that when the time comes to retire you are ready to enjoy life without financial concerns or restrictions.

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Wealth management and investment advice. This is tailored to your own situation, extracting the most from your current assets and strategically planning for the future.

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Domestic and commercial insurances to protect your family and business. We pride ourselves on being able to find the right insurance for your requirements and make sure you have the cover you need.

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Wills And Estate Planning

If a couple wish to make almost identical wills so that the assets go to each other and then to the children or to a named beneficiary then a Mirrored Will can be used to help document your wishes.

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If you are in need of financial advice that does not fall into any of the above four service categories or you are unsure about exactly what you need, then please do still get in touch, as if Paul does not have the solution you need, he does have a range of trusted and experienced industry contacts that he can put you in contact with.