Retirement Planning

When retirement comes around it should be the time that you really start to enjoy your life and do the things that you have always wanted to do. This may be travelling the world, spending more time with family or loved ones, enjoying your hobbies or getting a few more days just for yourself. Retirement is something we all work towards, so its best you get it right.

A massive change was evoked with the Pensions Freedoms and Choice changes in April 2015 which has given many clients approaching retirement a greater deal more choice.

However for many clients greater choice leads to greater fear of making the right decision. When helping client at this stage in their life this isn’t a responsibility I take lightly. I understand that you need the right plan tailored to your lifestyle, a robust plan that is right for you as well as your family, now and in the future.

With the pension world full of jargon I try to break this down and translate it in a language that you will understand. Understanding the plan that I can put in place for you is paramount as this is the key to correct retirement planning.

Of course for some they are still on the journey of saving for retirement which again needs a robust plan to stick to ensure that you have the retirement you want to enjoy. It is important to ensure that you have the correct and appropriate financial plan in place to ensure that when the day comes, your retirement pot is both suitable and adequate to allow you to enjoy the years ahead. With people living longer there is often more retirement years to enjoy, but this also means that your pension now needs to go further than it did previously.

Starting a pension for some is a complete unknown, which is where I take the time to meet you for the first time and to explain the options that you have and to discuss what could be the right plan for you. As retirement is different for every client, having the correct plan in place often means the difference between being able to afford to retire or having to work longer so the sooner you start saving the better.

If you currently have a pension, whether it be a current or old personal pension then it can often be a good idea to have these reviewed and to see if it could be working more efficiently for you. Rather than just letting your pension tick along, you could be making it work harder. I am able to review and offer recommendations and present a new retirement plan which may be able to improve things for you. Many of the older and long standing pensions can be more expensive than their modern equivalents, so comparing what you have to what you could have is crucial.