Fees & Referalls


The first meeting is at my expense as I offer a free no obligation initial meeting or phone conversation, as it is important to make sure that I can offer the right plan to meet your requirements and to fully understand your current circumstances and future plans.

The fees I charge are dependent on the service we agree to as financial planning, wealth and investment management and insurances differ greatly in terms of approach as to how fees are charged.

After the first meeting I construct a plan which is individual to each client. This will include full costs and charges, meaning that before you even work with me you know the fee structure and you will know the true cost of services to you – there are no hidden extras. Only when you are happy with the plan will you move forward to a position where fees are incurred. I will make sure you are totally informed regarding fees prior to progressing with anything.

If you have any questions about fees, please do contact me for more information.


Our business has grown due to the referrals we receive from our clients. Having helped generations of the same family plan for retirement, invest their money and offer protection through insurance, something we are not only proud of but extremely grateful for as well.

Most of our clients come to us through recommendations from family members, friends and work colleagues, or other people in similar and connected industries like Accountancy and Solicitors. Based on how many referrals we receive, we know that our clients have full confidence in our work and the trust they have in the advice and products we offer is something that we have strived to build on.

When you refer someone to us we treat their details with strict confidence and take great care with all personal information, meaning we will not disclose your information unless you have given consent and authority.

If you are aware of anyone that you feel could benefit from or requires financial advice, then we would be happy to contact them directly or for you to pass on their details. We are happy to make initial contact to arrange a meeting or phone conversation.

Please do contact us and we will make contact.